The brawl happened after the final whistle of El Clasico, in which the two players grabbed each other fiercely.

Dani Carvajal – Arnau Tenas brawl: The reason explained as inside source explained that the pair already had a row before the El Clasico.

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What happened after the El Clasico between Carvajal – Arnau

Arnau Tenas and Dani Carvajal had a beef at the end of the Clasico.

 Dani Carvajal - Arnau brawl
Dani Carvajal – Arnau Tenas brawl

After beating Los Blancos at Spotify Camp Nou, the reserve goalkeeper went to celebrate with the team.

However, he was stopped by the The Madrid defender who went straight to row with the goalkeeper.

The rest of the team celebrated the victory and between Jordi Alba, Carles Naval and a member of the Madrid bench they managed to calm things down.

Ronald Araujo was floored trying to intervene, while Antonio Rudiger had to pull the Barca man back to prevent things from getting worse.

Cules appeared to be totally annoyed by Carvajal, who underperformed during the loss, with some comments aimed at the Spanish full-back:

“An unsportsmanlike gesture from Dani Carvajal“, one tweeted.

“If we’re going to start calling out players for “unsportsman like” conduct, he’s first on our list.”

Reason behind Dani Carvajal – Arnau Tenas brawl

According to RAC 1, the pair’s history went back to another El Clasico, which was the Copa del Rey at the Santiago Bernabeu.

In that match, which also ended in a win for the Catalans, Dani Carvajal went to the rival dressing room at the end of the game to pick up a shirt from Busquets and he heard digs from Arnau Tenas towards Madrid.

The things Carvajal heard had not gone down easily, which let to the incident in the latest Clasico.

Losing such an anticipated game like Clasico has never been comfortable to take, and losing the third straight games in a season seemed to be terribly frustrated for any Madrid man.


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