11 NBA facts that you should know


Seven decades have passed since the first NBA game was played. Since then, it has accumulated an incredible amount of historical events, interesting trivia, distinguished players, and honorable awards. Sports Mania Asia did some research to give basketball nerds some facts about the NBA.

Providence Steamrollers

When the NBA was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, Rhode Island had an NBA team called the Providence Steamrollers. Unfortunately, the team did not last long. They played a total of three seasons and had a collective record of 46-122.

Kobe Bryant met his wife in a music video set

In the midst of Kobe Bryant’s 20-season NBA career, he was once at the set of a hip hop music video. There, of all places, he met the love of his life.

Kobe met Venessa, who would become his wife, while Tha Eastsidaz were shooting a music video for G’d Up. This only proves that you can find love anywhere.

The first basketballs were brown

Basketballs were originally brown in color, but it was difficult for both players and spectators to see it. In 1957, Tony Hinkle came up with a great idea: he developed the orange-hued basketballs to accentuate the ball’s visibility. 

Pete Maravich’s statement

NBA player Pete Maravich, who was 26 years old then, once said in an interview that he did not want to play at the NBA for a decade and then die of a heart attack. Coincidentally, he played at the NBA from 1970 to 1980, then a few years later, he died at 40 due to heart attack.

Banned Air Jordan shoes

Michael Jordan was known to love the red and black Nike Air Jordan shoes. He was fined 5,000 USD by the NBA for every game he played wearing his favorite pair because he was violating a rule regarding uniforms.

Still, this did not stop Jordan from buckling the offensive kicks; the bill was taken care of by Nike.

James Naismith is the inventor of basketball

Back in 1891, James Naismith was instructed by his superiors at the YMCA International Training School to create an indoor winter activity. He then went to work and write the original basketball rule book.

The current NBA rulebook is more than 60 pages long.

The first three-point shot

The first three-point basket scored at the NBA was made by Boston Celtics guard Chris Ford on October 12, 1979. 

NBA and Christmas eve

It has happened only twice in the history of the NBA that a game was played on Christmas eve: in 1960 between the Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics, and in 1967 between the Seattle SuperSonics and San Francisco Warriors. 

Pau Gasol originally intended to be a doctor

Pau Gasol’s first career choice before he entered basketball was to become a physician. 

Tim Duncan completed college

Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs finished his college degree before committing to the team. This was because his mother advised him to complete his studies before he pursue his passion.

Broke after five years

In a study, it was estimated that 60% of former NBA players become broke five years after they retire. 

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