Juventus deducted 15 points in shocking Serie A investigation which involved alleged use of falsified capital gains resulting to the club dropping from third to 10th place in the local league.

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As it stands, Bianconeri will drop from a Champions League spot (3rd) to the middle of Serie A 2022/23 standings.

What made Juventus deducted 15 points?

“Plusvalenza Case”, club’s capital gain violations, are the terms being used to address the case of Juventus.

An Italian soccer court investigated Juve’s transfer dealings which were considered with numerous wrongdoings involving the way the club and a number of other teams dealt with player exchange deals.

“Juventus is sanctioned with 15 penalty points to be served in the current football season,” read the FIGC’s official statement.

The ruling did absolute damages to the club’s reputation, while the court also imposed bans from holding office in Italian soccer on 11 past and present Juventus directors.

The following bans in details below:

  • Tottenham’s Fabio Paratici (who is now managing director of football at Spurs) handed 30-month ban from Italian football
  • Juventus handed 15-point deduction in Serie A 22/23
  • Former vice-president Pavel Nedved has been given an eight-month ban
  • Former chief executive Maurizio Arrivabene has also been hit with a 2-year ban
  • Juventus’ current Sporting Director, Federico Cherubini, faces a ban of one year and four months.

First time such incident happened?

Juventus was no stranger to such troubles. The Italian club used to caught in the middle of, even worse situation back in the season 2004/05.

They were automatically relegated from Serie A due to a match fixing scandal. The punishments were being relegated to Serie and stripped of last two league titles.

Juventus deducted 15 points in shocking Serie A investigation

Juventus’s react

The Turin side, meanwhile, confirm in official statement they will appeal the sanctions imposed with -15 points.

Juventus have denied wrongdoing and said their accounting was in line with industry standards.

“Company awaiting the publication of the reasons and announces as of now the appeal to the Sports Guarantee College in terms of the Sports Justice Code”.



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